Avoid Provider Burnout

Now is the time to address the clerical burden of electronic medical records threatening providers, and negatively impacting patient care.

How Scribes Helped a Hospitalist Practice Improve Provider Retention and Decrease Burnout


“The physicians ALL prefer working with scribes. The program delivered on satisfaction and multiple other fronts.”

Three Urgent Care Facilities Get Critical Assistance During Flu Season and Beyond


“Why didn’t we do this sooner? Such a great time saver for our practice!”

How an Innovative Nurse Scribe Program Improves Metrics and Reduces Burnout


“Our ScribeAmerica project leader understands nurse work-flows, and the unique day-to-day challenges we face.”

Our Solutions

At ScribeAmerica we are dedicated to providing insights and innovative strategies that build top-performing care teams.

Medical Scribes

  • EMR documentation and ancillary support
  • Reduce clerical burden for providers
  • Right-size care teams
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Nurse Scribes

  • Enable nurse team to focus on top-of-license clinical tasks
  • Enhance clinical competency and perform vital sign checks
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  • Secure, reliable documentation
  • EHR updates in real-time
  • Providers can work top of license at the bedside, not behind the computer
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