Improve Efficiency of Our Providers

With decades of experience, we serve providers by developing scribe and navigator programs to optimize workflow and increase provider efficiency. The results of scribe-enabled practices speak volumes, and reveal how our innovative approach and personalized model drives improvement.

How TeleScribes Helped a System Improve Efficiency and Patient Experience


“I understand they’re going to add TeleScribes to 16 more providers in our system. That’s great because essentially all I have to do now is proofread and sign off on notes. We’re talking minutes of work instead of hours. And a lot more patients who feel they are truly being seen in each encounter.”

Scribes Improve Efficiency at a Rural Family Medicine Site

How a Children’s Hospital Optimized the Care Team with Resident Wellness


“We aim to improve and refine the quality of pediatric care for patients and their families. Our inpatient medical teams are sensitive to the parent’s wellbeing, and Population Health Scribes have improved our resident’s ability to be present for parents too.”

See How a Colorado Community is Using ED Navigators to Improve the Lives of Uninsured Patients


“Now that we have a system to connect them with the proper community resources, our team better manages patient flow.”

How an Innovative Nurse Scribe Program Improves Metrics and Reduces Burnout


“Our ScribeAmerica project leader understands nurse work-flows, and the unique day-to-day challenges we face.”

Our Solutions

Better serve your patients with increased clinical productivity.

Medical Scribes

  • Work directly within the EMR
  • Document to the highest level of care
  • Increase the number of patients seen
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Care Navigators

  • Assist nurses with ancillary duties
  • Improve work-life balance for care teams
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  • Secure, reliable documentation
  • EHR updates in real-time
  • Providers can work top of license at the bedside, not behind the computer
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