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Veterinary Scribes

Veterinary hospitals are under an increasing weight of administrative tasks that pull veterinarians away from care. With Veterinary Scribes, care teams are able to work top-of-license, with increased productivity, decreased costs and improved overall satisfaction.

Veterinary solutions, from the nation’s leader in Scribe services.

As a leader in medical scribes, ScribeAmerica has helped optimize care teams for nearly twenty years. ScribeAmerica has adapted the scribe model across numerous care settings and specialties, now including veterinary medicine. Veterinary Scribes assist with electronic documentation and administrative tasks, allowing doctors to work top-of-license and improve patient satisfaction.

The proprietary training program includes virtual and on-site classroom training, followed by periodic continuing education. The dedicated management team regularly reviews site performance, and provides regular quality reports to ensure programs are running at peak efficiency.


Our Veterinary Scribe programs have led to improved outcomes, including:


Decreased overtime and reduced burden on veterinarians


Proven increased revenue capture


More visits per hour, reduced burnout and improved veterinary satisfaction


Significant gains in patient volume

ScribeAmerica offers three types of Veterinary Scribe Programs, customized to your needs as a provider.

Veterinary Scribes are brought onto your team based on a format that works best for you as the provider. These scribes allow you to focus on patients’ acute needs while scribes navigate your electronic medical record system.

General Practice

Managing volume is critical to your care – that’s why Veterinary Scribes allow you to maximize your output by transforming your care team workflow and help overcome everyday general practice challenges.

Surgery & Specialties

We adapt our model across multiple specialties. With Veterinary Scribes, accurate documentation helps reduce provider burnout. Your time can be focused on the patient, not on a computer screen.

Samantha Benasutti, Chief Veterinary Scribe

“In my time as Chief Scribe, I have received feedback numerous times that the scribes have a significant impact on the quality of life for veterinarians. I have worked with providers who were considering leaving the field, but stayed because the scribes made it possible. Scribes record physical exam findings and write procedure reports, making it possible for the doctor to focus on patients and procedures. This allows the doctor to do what they do best: medicine.”