Prioritize pets.

Here’s the problem. Your office is busier than ever with more pets, more paperwork, and more headaches. How do you keep up? Either update your notes immediately after appointments, and miss out on patients, or stay three hours after close to catch up.

Here’s the solution. Scribes. A dedicated team member whose entire role is maintaining and updating records. By adding highly qualified veterinary scribes, you can return to business as usual. Scribes increase productivity, reduce burnout and turnover, improve documentation, and provide an overall better experience for pets and owners. Keep your attention where it matters and let ScribeAmerica handle the rest. 

“On average, each doctor saves 1–2 hours a day now that we have ScribeAmerica scribes.”

Dr. Smith

Willow Tree Animal Hospital

We work how you work.

In-Person, Telescribe, and AI solutions.

ScribeAmerica meets you where you are, and adapts to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to add a new member to the team or you just need a little help now and then, ScribeAmerica always delivers superior scribe services.


Work side-by-side with a qualified scribe who manages your records, helps prep appointments, and is ready to review pet information whenever you need them.


Save space and time by bringing in a remote scribe as needed. Telescribes are still dedicated members of your team, but they connect to your office via video to help manage your records. Whether you need help for only a few hours a day, or you need a full-time staff member, telescribes are a flexible solution that easily adapts to your work style.

Speke AI

The quickest solution to deploy and to integrate into your day-to-day, our ambient AI solution puts a veterinary scribe right on your personal device. Fueled by the power of AI, reviewed by the expertise of real veterinary scribes, Speke delivers a quality record every time. No need to worry about dictation, just press record, and Speke listens while you talk.


Get in the know.

What does a veterinary scribe do?

A veterinary scribe records physical exam findings, writes procedure reports, and supports your team throughout appointments. Adding a veterinary scribe helps you save time, see more pets, and frees up DVMs and techs to do the work they are best at.

What specialties can they work with?

Our scribes are prepared to work with any specialty. Have a specific need? Reach out to our team to talk about how we can help.

Do I have to schedule my own veterinary scribe?

Nope! It’s our job to make sure that your shifts are covered. Simply share your needs with us and we’ll make sure a highly qualified scribe is available for you. When you need them, where you need them.

Do I have to train my veterinary scribes?

No, our scribes have already undergone relevant training for your specialty. There may be an adjustment period where scribes learn your exact specifications, but you’ll never need to manage training or adjustments. We’ll do all of that.

What PMS can they work with?

Our scribes are ready to work with any record-keeping system you have. We know that every doctor likes to do things their own way, and ScribeAmerica arrives prepared to work to your exact specifications.

How are your veterinary scribes trained?

Veterinary scribes undergo industry specific training that covers species, anatomy, common ER cases, sensitive topic management (like in the case of euthanasia), and what critical information should always be included in a record. ScribeAmerica provides additional training to prepare scribes for any specialties they will be working in.

Speke for DVMS

Designed with you in mind.

You don’t want a solution designed for human medicine with paw prints slapped on. We don’t either. Our ambient AI platform was designed with feedback from real DVMs in the field, using Speke for their appointments. We are dedicated to listening to and incorporating your needs in our constantly evolving solutions. Don’t get stuck with a service that doesn’t understand you. Speke listens.

You’ve got your hands full.

Let us take records off your plate.


ScribeAmerica has provided superior scribe services for more than twenty years. We’re proud to host one of the most vigorous testing and training courses in the industry. Only the most qualified and prepared scribes call themselves a part of the ScribeAmerica team because we believe in always delivering the best.

ScribeAmerica’s veterinary scribe training program integrates both classroom and floor training, plus continuing education. We are dedicated to always learning and improving. Paired with our superior customer service and customizable workflows, ScribeAmerica delivers an unparalleled scribe service.

Get back to what you love.

We’ll take on the rest.

Record keeping can take up most of your time. If you’re struggling to juggle appointments, records can take up most of your technicians’ time too. By adding veterinary scribes to your team you can see more pets, get more done, and better utilize your team. Take it from Dr. Smith at Willow Tree Animal Hospital, “Each doctor saves 1-2 hours a day now that we have ScribeAmerica scribes. We’re no longer stuck in the clinic until 9 pm every night.” Leveraging team members dedicated to record keeping improves morale, reduces burnout, increases staffing retention, and leaves more time for seeing and treating pets.

Ready for anything.

Solutions tailored to you.

ScribeAmerica offers three veterinary scribe programs designed to further tailor your scribe experience. Starting from a foundation of either Emergency and Critical Care, General Practice, or Specialty Medicine, scribes further specialize by learning your processes and preferences. Your assigned scribe manager handles any additional training, adjustments, onboarding, and scheduling, making the addition of ScribeAmerica scribes to your team quick and effective.

Emergency & Critical Care

Unpredictable workloads, urgent cases, and sick or injured pets mean that critical pet care requires broad knowledge and the ability to work fast. Our veterinary scribes support your emergency and critical care needs by streamlining your processes, focusing on efficinecy, and allowing you to focus on the emergency on hand. Don’t let paperwork get in the way of a pet’s acute needs.

General Practice

Pet ownership continues to skyrocket in America. When paired with staffing shortages, many general practices are overwhelmed and facing burnout acorss their teams. Veterinary scribes arrive well versed in species and anatomy, ready to take on the burden of record keeping, so your team can maximize their impact. See more pets, and still get home on time, with the help of ScribeAmerica.

Specialty Medicine

Our foundational veterinary training supports further specialization into surgery, internal medicine, and more. Already highly-qualified, and often coming to scribing with their own veterinary experience, our scribes are ready to provide excellent support no matter what kind of work you do. By adding ScribeAmerica to your team you can manage more consultations and transfers with less burdens and burnout. The addition of scribes often improves efficiency and ROI, leading to overall savings and increased profits.

Take it from, well, us.

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“The records delivered by ScribeAmerica consistently require less review from the doctors. I think ScribeAmerica has done a really nice job just understanding the nuances of veterinary medicine. Now, not only is everybody happy, but more of our doctors ask for scribes.”

Fred Cantor DNP, MBA, RN

Hospital Director, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

“On average, each doctor saves 1-2 hours a day now that we have ScribeAmerica scribes. The main benefit for us has been being able to give time back to DVMs at the end of the day. We’re no longer stuck in the clinic until 9pm every night.”

Dr. Smith

Willow Tree Animal Hospital

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