Improve Patient Experience

With today’s consumer-driven healthcare landscape, patients seek personalized care, short wait times, and friendly staff. Scribe and navigator programs effectively improve the quality of care delivery for healthier, happier patients.

How Scribes Helped a Hospitalist Practice Improve Provider Retention and Decrease Burnout


“The physicians ALL prefer working with scribes. The program delivered on satisfaction and multiple other fronts.”

How a Children’s Hospital Optimized the Care Team with Resident Wellness


“We aim to improve and refine the quality of pediatric care for patients and their families. Our inpatient medical teams are sensitive to the parent’s wellbeing, and Population Health Scribes have improved our resident’s ability to be present for parents too.”

See How a Colorado Community is Using ED Navigators to Improve the Lives of Uninsured Patients


“Now that we have a system to connect them with the proper community resources, our team better manages patient flow.”

How a Hospital Transitioned to an ACO While Meeting CCM Goals


“If we had tried to create an in-house program, it would have been unsustainable with our current staffing model.”

Our Solutions

In the new era of value-based care, keeping patients engaged is directly linked to more positive health outcomes.

Medical Scribes

  • Prepare charts prior to clinical encounters
  • Free doctors to spend more time at the bedside
  • Make notes directly in the EMR for follow up calls
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Care Navigators

  • Complete patient callbacks, coordinate care, and help address SDOH
  • Engage patients while care teams work top of license
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  • Secure, reliable documentation
  • EHR updates in real-time
  • Providers can work top of license at the bedside, not behind the computer
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