OB/GYN Scribes

It is an unfortunate fact that today's OBY/GYN practices face a challenging environment when seeking to enhance revenue and profitability. One major hurdle is time, a doctor's number one commodity that is being increasingly spent on non-clinical tasks such as documentation and data entry resulting in diminished productivity, additional stress and less time focused on patients.


OB/GYN scribes from ScribeAmerica, the leader in medical scribe placements across the United States, are the solution to meet the challenges faced by today's obstetricians and gynecologists. With an OB/GYN scribe handling EHR input and data entry, prepping charts and more doctors achieve the freedom to focus solely on patient care. The benefits have been proven in over 540 healthcare facilities across 44 states, where over 4500 certified medical scribes from ScribeAmerica work alongside providers every day to enhance the physician-patient encounter and allow doctors to see more patients. 

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Care Navigators
As healthcare business models evolve, so should care teams.

Patients who are paired with Care Navigators report feeling less anxiety, and an increased ability to self-manage their conditions between visits. And providers report increased job satisfaction from improved efficiency, and knowing their patients have access to care teams, and strategic support.
Chronic Care Management
With an increased aging population managing two or more chronic illnesses, extending your care teams’ ability to communicate with patients is critical. We take a strategic approach to helping patients chart a path towards their health goals, while self-managing their chronic conditions between clinical visits.
AI Chatbots
We deliver a robust AI Chatbot solution to help manage and sustain effective communication with patients. Care teams implement the conversational text messages and customize patient communication to deliver high quality care.
Revenue Cycle Management
Transition Revenue Cycle Management into the modern age with a suite of software tools that will transform your billing and coding processes. Transact at lightning speed, with increased transparency and decreased siloes. The QueueLogix software application seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs to ensure the clinical activities and back-office operations are well aligned, monitored and successful.
Referral Management
Referrals scheduled by navigators in the clinical setting builds long term, patient care integrity across the care continuum. With the authority, along with the provider to search for specialists in network, navigators asses their schedules, and ensure appointment compliance.
Scribe Services
There’s a reason why we’re the nation’s most frequently used scribe company: we offer professionally trained medical scribes to meet the specific needs of our clients. We offer emergency medicine, outpatient, hospitalist medicine and other scribe programs, as well as technology and personnel solutions that address revenue cycle management, the transition to value-based care, and more through our HealthChannels family of companies.