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Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

ScribeAmerica's Lunch and Learn webinars offer insights on key topics in healthcare. Each 25-30 minute presentation reviews top questions, current headlines and actionable strategies to address these topics. Many webinars below have been made available on-demand.

Addressing Burnout

The Impact on the Healthcare Industry & 6 Strategies to Address Burnout

While provider burnout has been reported on for a while, it has received increased attention in recent years due to the increased pressures related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors. We examine the causes of burnout and the dramatic rise in burnout rates across the industry. Finally, we provide six actionable strategies for addressing burnout, curated from leading healthcare organizations.

Note, for on-demand webinars, please feel free to ask questions in the chatroom and we'll respond via email after the event.

2022 Fall Conferences
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ACEP - Booth 1218
October 1–4
San Francisco, CA
MGMA (MPE) - Booth 414
October 9–12
Boston, MA