ScribeAmerica equips our partners with dynamic, innovative and intelligent solutions to improve health outcomes.



We will transform healthcare by linking superior quality, innovation and execution through our intelligent, highly-skilled workforce and next generation technology to achieve better outcomes for our partners, patients and our employees.

Emergency Medicine Scribes

Your focus should be on your patients - that’s why our scribes adapt to the needs of your department and work with your EMR. With our scribe program, your wait times will be reduced, allowing you to serve precision care and provide unparalleled support for your care team. With you in the trauma bay, scribes update the EMR in real time, so patients’ acute needs are the main focus, not a computer screen.

Hospitalist Scribes

Whether you need in-person scribes or virtual support, you can rely on the hospital scribe program to deliver dedicated documentation and ancillary inpatient support. With hospitalist scribes, you can now optimize EHR use and a workflow for the inpatient setting without the burden of data. Our specialized training for scribes includes reviewing relevant history, lab tests and prep charts, ensuring the providers are ready to see patients.

Outpatient Scribes

When it comes to your specific outpatient needs, customization is key. Our scribes transform your care team workflow to meet these challenges. With expanded training in over 80 specialities, our scribes allow providers to see more patients in a day while delivering personalized care. Reduce your care team's clerical burden and improve clinical outcomes with scribes across all E&M levels.


Today’s healthcare landscape demands flexible solutions that adapt to your unique workflow. TeleScribes provide real-time, remote documentation support for providers in remote areas, on the go, or those in need of increased privacy for their patients. No matter where or when you provide care for your patients, TeleScribes transform your practice by delivering cutting-edge, engaged, domestic support.

Ambient AI Scribes

Speke, our ambient AI scribe, puts providers back at the bedside with a solution tailored to their unique needs. With Speke, natural conversations with patients are transformed into accurate notes through a documentation assistant built by experts in machine learning, and supported by highly skilled medical scribes. Our precise technology frees your care team to make more meaningful connections with your patients.