Hematology and Oncology Scribes

Today’s Hematologist/Oncologist faces many new regulatory hurdles, which has changed the way medicine will be practiced for many days to come. One of the many challenges facing Hematology/Oncology practices, especially with the wide adoption of EHR, is the massive amount of documentation required per patient. Data entry is time-consuming, which time is a vital commodity to physicians who have to juggle numerous responsibilities. The computer-specific task also places a digital barrier between the physician-patient, which can negatively impact the patient experience.

Medical scribes from ScribeAmerica, the NATIONS MOST FREQUENTLY USED PROFESSIONAL medical scribe training and management company, can improve your practice’s operational workflow and department metrics by taking over medical data collection and data entry responsibilities, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients and increase the number of patients seen. ScribeAmerica employs close to 25,000 scribes in over 3,500 HEALTHCARE FACILITIES IN ALL 50 STATES ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

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