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"More Pets, Less Vets: Battling Veterinarian Burnout in a Post-COVID World"

Veterinarian burnout has reached its boiling point. Now, animal care providers are searching for solutions to improve ROI and generate a healthy work-life balance for their employees.

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Speke, the first true ambient documentation assistant.

Integrating ambient technology so providers can practice medicine and focus on the patient again. Anywhere, with anyone.


TeleScribes: Tailored Virtual Solutions from ScribeAmerica

No matter where or when you provide care for patients, TeleScribes transform your practice by delivering cutting-edge, engaged, documentation support.

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KLAS Spotlight: Speke

The KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight report examines customer experience and overall satisfaction using Speke, ScribeAmerica’s Ambient AI Scribe. Customers gave Speke high performance grades in all categories, and 100% said they would buy again. Additionally, respondents said Speke helped decrease provider burnout and increased capacity and available time with patients.

20 years ago we set the standard for scribes. Today, we’re redefining it.

We’ve often heard our scribes referred to as “Super Scribes.” Working in tandem with providers to deliver outstanding care, our medical scribes go beyond providing efficient documentation. From supporting pre-visit prep, to patient flow management, to care coordination and other non-clinical tasks, our scribes go the extra mile to act as productivity partners for your care team.

As burnout reaches epidemic proportions, these SuperScribes empower care teams to work top-of-license, joining providers with a background of exceptional training from the nation’s leader in scribe management.

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Scribes are the Next Generation of Leaders

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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Fitzgerald, Emergency Medicine

“We have a choice between patient care or computer care. The scribes take the computer care so we can focus on the patients, which is what we’re all here for.” Hear Dr. Fitzgerald’s experience working with Emergency Scribes and how it helped to optimize the Hilo Medical Center ED.

The first true ambient AI scribe.

Integrating ambient technology so providers can practice medicine and focus on the patient again. Anywhere, with anyone.

Speke teams medical scribes with AI to create a reliable documentation assistant that lets you spend more time with your patients, not a computer. With scribes “in the loop,” your notes are completed accurately, efficiently and on time.

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