TeleScribes: Remote Scribe Solutions

No matter where or when you provide care for patients, you deserve a state-of-the-art solution for medical documentation. TeleScribes transform your practice by delivering cutting-edge, engaged, domestic support. Our TeleScribe programs are designed with an understanding that provider needs often vary. Whether in a rural setting, a provider with variable hours, or a practice with low FTE demands, TeleScribes offers flexible, tailored, real-time documentation solution, delivered by the nation's leader in medical scribe training and management.

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Tailored TeleScribe options to meet your unique needs

TeleScribes Video

TeleScribes Video allows you to enjoy the benefits of a live scribe, as if they were in the room with you. With TeleScribes Video, the provider and scribe are connected through a mobile tablet via a secure, easy to use app. The tablet can be set on a counter, or transported on a mobile cart. The provider and scribe are able to easily communicate audibly, and the video environment allows the scribe to respond to valuable non-verbal cues. With TeleScribes Video, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a scribe in the room with you, while gaining the flexibility of a virtual program.

TeleScribes Audio

Our TeleScribes Audio program offers flexible and affordable medical scribe services over any secure audio connection. Scribes capture all key information and document the encounter in the appropriate EHR field. TeleScribes Audio delivers a virtual solution with the unparalleled benefits of ScribeAmerica’s highly-trained, domestic scribes. Welcome to flexibility and reliability that empowers providers to work at the top of their license, at the touch of a button.

Why TeleScribes is Right for You:

Our TeleScribe remote programs put medical scribes at your fingertips, exactly when, where and how you need them. We offer two models of TeleScribes to meet the physical and financial needs of your site.


Convenient Connection Options: Providers connect to a medical scribe in real-time via a tablet on a stand, mobile cart, or a phone.

Secure, Reliable Documentation: Scribes are able to document a first-hand account of the provider and patient interaction over a HIPAA-compliant connection.
Real-Time Documentation: The scribe completes EHR documentation in real-time, in-parallel with the visit, unlike dictation.

The Standard in Medical Scribes: TeleScribes offer an affordable way to introduce ScribeAmerica’s remote, domestic based scribes to your practice.

How it Works
Experience the ScribeAmerica difference. We understand one size does not fit all. We offer both video and audio programs, where you’re connected in real-time to a domestic-based scribe.
Tailored to Fit Your Routine

Provider enters room with patient and will connect with their medical scribe.

Select Your Preferred Connection
Provider communicates with TeleScribe via video over tablet on cart, or via audio through a HIPAA secure land-line.
Seamless, Accurate Documentation
TeleScribe documents encounter directly into EHR using their own account in real-time.

The Advanced Scribe Training Program

Approximately 120 hours per scribe


2 weeks

  • Medical Terminology
  • System Based Videos
  • Audio Exercises
  • HIPAA/PHI Compliance
  • Documentation for Billing and Medicolegal Liability
  • Professional Appearance
  • Case Presentations
Supervisory Period

minimum 6 days

  • One-to-one Personal Clinical Training
  • Real-time Chart Review and Corrective Feedback
  • Advanced Efficiency and Patient Tracking Training
  • Core Measures and PQRI Documentation
  • Clinical Performance Final Assessment
Periodic Re-assessment


  • Quality Assurance Program and Continuing Scribe Education
  • Monthly Evaluations and Performance Assessments
  • Monthly Provider-to-Scribe Satisfaction Reporting
  • Charting Review and Deficiency Log

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