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Scribe Stories

Q&A: Bailey Wojciak

We asked Bailey Wojciak, Chief Scribe at the University of Louisville Hospital Emergency Department, about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Scribe Stories

Q&A: Jenna Koesling

We asked Jenna Koesling, MSH, Director of Operations for the Southeast region, about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Scribe Stories

#ScribeStories: Alec Jackson

Alumni Testimonials

Insights from an ICU Nurse

Emilie Maxie, Travel Nurse and Scribe Alumna, shares insights from her own healthcare career path to help prepare you for your own journey ahead.

Scribes in the Community

Adopting a Highway through Community Cleanup

Scribe Stories

Q&A: Samantha Benasutti

#ForYourPage: @scribeamericahq and @dr.jmack on TikTok

Scribe Stories

A Day in the Life of a Hospitalist Scribe

As a Hospitalist Scribe, you have a chance to see and help every variety of patient, frequently at the best and worst moments in their life.

Alumni Testimonials

Q&A: Nicole Lewis, Scribe Alum

We asked Nicole Lewis, scribe alum, about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Scribe Stories

#ScribeStories: Fall 2021 Roundup

Scribe Stories

Keeping Focused on Your "WHY"

After feeling burned out from 8 months of PA school my first year, I seriously considered quitting medicine. I didn’t think I was suited to work as a Physician Assistant and honestly I didn’t think I ...

What's in Season

The Scribing Scripture

Providers often rely on scribes to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care; decrease wait times, consequently improving patient satisfaction; and decrease physician burnout, especially at ...