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Q&A: D’Juan Matthews

We asked D’Juan Matthews, Special Operations Ambassador and Telescribe, about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started with ScribeAmerica?

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Prairie View A&M College of Nursing with anticipated graduation in May 2024. My older sisters have fellow classmates that were scribes and suggested that I apply as it would be beneficial to my career path. This led me to look for a position that best fits me, so I submitted my application.

Why are you interested in working in healthcare?

My interest in healthcare first sparked when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in 3rd grade. Consistently going to appointments with her and interacting with the healthcare team developed my love for helping others and contributing to optimum care for each and every patient.

What have you learned from exploring different areas of medicine?

There has been a plethora of terminology and diagnoses that I have learned while working alongside a dermatologist. I diidn’t know there was such a vast range of subspecialties within each area of medicine and it is riveting to learn. My preferred specialty is neonatal or psychiatry.

What advice would you give future scribes?

My advice to future scribes is to keep your options open! No one could convince me in high school that I would enjoy working within the dermatology department. But going into this job with an open mind, I’ve had the opportunity to consistently gain knowledge and skills. Try your best to keep up with the fast pace that hospital can bring and re-read previous notes to get a background on the patient and set up their chart ahead of time.

What is next for you in your professional career?

My goals for my professional career are to travel, obtain my doctoral degree in nursing practice, and co-own a black-owned birthing center.

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