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Q&A: Christine Dorrity

We asked Christine Dorrity, Emergency Scribe alumna and PharmD student at the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy, about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started with ScribeAmerica?

I was searching on Google for entry-level healthcare positions that were hiring at that time. I came upon ScribeAmerica and knew right away that this was the job for me. I chose ScribeAmerica so I could gain first-hand medical experience. I wanted to work one-on-one with different providers and build long-lasting relationships with them. One of them even wrote me a reference letter for pharmacy school.

Why are you interested in working in healthcare?

I have a passion for biology, anatomy and physiology, and organic chemistry. I want to use my knowledge and passions to treat patients and learn more about medications.

What have you learned from exploring different areas of medicine?

I learned how different medications work for different conditions and how they treat patients based on their unique needs. I learned first-hand on how providers choose between different medications.

What is your preferred speciality?

Forensics pharmacology is my preferred speciality. I want to use my knowledge and passion of A&P to learn and share in court how the victim died. I hope to bring justice to victims, as well.

What advice would you give future scribes?

Take your training one day at a time. It may seem like a handful at the moment, but you learn something new every day at work. Every day will be different. With practice and experience, you will get the hang of it.

What is next for you in your professional career?

I’m currently in my first year of pharmacy school. I will get my BS in Medicinal and
Biological Chemistry in May 2023. I will get my PharmD in May 2026. I plan to eventually work in forensics. If forensics does not work out, critical care is my second option.

I’m often asked why did I not choose to be a pharmacy technician. I personally believe that being a scribe is better for a pharmacy student. As a scribe, I see diseases first-hand and effects of medications. I learn the actions of different medications and what they are used for. I do not believe I would have learned as much without being a scribe.

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