Navigation Services

All too often, health systems assign clinical staff to provide patient navigation services to meet value-based care goals. This strategy is in need of a redesign. As healthcare business models evolve, so should care teams.

So Many Demands, So Little Time.

Between digital documentation and administrative tasks, there’s little time left to focus on the critical strategies that are necessary for making the transition to value-based care. That’s where ScribeAmerica comes in. Our highly-qualified patient navigators give clinical staff the freedom to finally focus on bigger issues like the quality of care and strategies to reduce system costs.

Our skilled navigators understand the external influences and restrictions to care, while our training ensures each navigator is equipped to go the extra mile. From measuring changes over time, to encouraging patients to gain control of their health, we establish critical touch points with patients.

Addressing Patient Engagement with Care Navigators

A key factor in higher-quality care and lower costs: Redesigned care delivery. With embedded navigators, you can rely on ScribeAmerica for:


Increase patient satisfaction with follow-up.


Educate patients about medications.


Define additional measures to ensure patient referrals remain in network.


Identify and predict vulnerable populations to direct at-risk patients to primary and low-acuity care options.

How it Works

Work restrictions and time demands make it nearly impossible to attend to sick patients, communicate with families, and coordinate post-discharge care​​—let alone get through an ever-growing list of time-consuming ancillary tasks. By introducing patients to navigators, you can remove many of the most pressing burdens and free providers to work at the top of their medical licenses once again.

Navigators ensure patients show up for referred appointments by:

  • Matching patient needs with community resources
  • Collaborating with the right organizations
  • Increasing care coordination efforts

Keep your RNs doing what they do best

  • Reduce overtime hours for RNs
  • Trained in nursing workflows to provide strategic support
  • Improve call bell times and patient satisfaction

Increase access to value-based care

  • Provide non-clinical patient support to diverse populations
  • Ensure patient charts are updated with the most recent contact information
  • Answer care plan questions and connect patients to in-network referrals
  • Reduce the number of canceled appointments

Navigating the healthcare system during a health challenge can be tremendously stressful for patients and their families. At ScribeAmerica, we utilize measurable navigation strategies to identify key areas of support and close care gaps.

Connect with our team today to share your story and learn more about how ScribeAmerica Care Navigators can help.