August 23, 2023

ScribeAmerica Announces Scribe Solutions for Veterinary Practices

The service helps veterinarians increase productivity while minimizing burnout.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, August 24, 2023 – ScribeAmerica has announced its expansion into the veterinary medicine space with dedicated veterinary scribes. ScribeAmerica provides highly-trained veterinary scribes ready to assist veterinary practices in solving increased pet volumes, staffing challenges, burnout, and heavier reliance on digital records and practice management platforms. Highly skilled scribes help veterinarians keep their focus on the top of license activities.

“ScribeAmerica’s veterinary scribes have demonstrated their value in the veterinary space through their ability to improve efficiency and impact the quality of service that veterinarians are able to provide to their patients,” said Tony Andrulonis, President of ScribeAmerica.  “Our clients are able to seamlessly integrate ScribeAmerica solutions into their care team workflows to help relieve veterinarians from clerical work and alleviate many of the stresses that lead directly to burnout.” 

The value of implementing ScribeAmerica’s solutions in veterinary practices includes:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced chart quality
  • Reduced clerical burden
  • Decreased burnout
  • Improved pet and owner experience

To meet the needs of every client, no matter the site of care, the volume of patients, or the workflow, ScribeAmerica provides a full portfolio of solutions, including in-person scribes, virtual TeleScribes, and a proprietary Ambient AI service, Speke. ScribeAmerica scribes deliver value across the entire veterinary landscape, including hospital-based specialties and ambulatory specialties. Chronic workplace stress and burnout are serious problems in veterinary medicine. Increased pet ownership has led to increased demands for veterinary services.  ScribeAmerica’s veterinary scribes take on administrative tasks that allow veterinarians to spend more time with their patients and give them back time to spend on their own quality of life.

Veterinary scribes from ScribeAmerica are available today. For more information, visit:


About ScribeAmerica:
ScribeAmerica is the leading scribe solutions company providing in-person scribes, TeleScribes, and Ambient AI solutions to healthcare providers across 80+ specialties. With more than 2,700 clients in 50 states, ScribeAmerica serves hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and clinics in both human and animal medical specialties. As an industry leader, ScribeAmerica pairs more than 20 years of industry experience with cutting-edge technology to continually innovate unique, personalized solutions that help its partners focus on what matters most.