Nurse Scribes

Adding a qualified Nurse Scribe to the care team reduces burdensome documentation while increasing the quality of care and work-life for nurses. Although nurses comprise the largest workforce in healthcare, the industry has lacked the right solution to address the high levels of burnout causing an alarming shortage, until now. A Nurse Scribe program bridges care gaps, boosts job satisfaction, and IMPROVES PATIENT CARE.

Providers thrive with scribes. Now nurses do, too.

Today’s nurses spend more time on computers, and less time at the bedside with patients. Our Nurse Scribes improve workflow by providing real time documentation support, relieving registered nurses of tedious clerical duties. Nurse Scribes complete rigorous training in EMR documentation and unit workflows. Whether assigned to one nurse, or working in support of a team, nurse scribes expand bandwidth for better patient care. With our top-of-license strategy, we help improve job satisfaction for nurses, for more efficient, better staffed units.
Improve recruitment and retention
Reduce overtime hours spent completing documentation
Expand the capacity for nurses to treat patients
Prep patient charts and complete updates with nurse supervision

How the Nurse Scribe Program Works

Finally, a solution for the compassionate caregivers on your team. Our proven solution pairs nurses with scribes to assist with workload, gather supplies, complete documentation and more.

Our team provides a workflow analysis to ensure program success

  • Address specific areas of improvement, from burnout to retention
  • Solve complex workflow challenges with flexible scheduling
  • Provide best practices and nursing thought leadership

We’ve adapted scribe training to design a safe and efficient Nurse Scribe Program

  • Recruiting for site-specific needs
  • Maintain schedules and rotations
  • Reduce nurse overtime hours with documentation support

Our reporting process makes it possible to turn data into insights.

  • Track metrics and program success
  • Measure efficiency gains including nurse satisfaction
  • Mobilize quick responses to program challenges