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Care Coordination

Despite our best efforts, many patients may still get lost in the shuffle of unavoidable administrative tasks and burdensome technology. All the while, care teams struggle to overcome the effects of burnout and staffing shortages. At ScribeAmerica, we work alongside our partners to introduce innovative strategies that transform how healthcare is delivered.

Prepare for the Future of Healthcare

We understand the challenges facing care teams today, having completed analysis and implementations for leading health systems nationwide. Between registering, documenting and discharging patients, it’s hard enough to stay on schedule—let alone consistently practice at the top of your license.

ScribeAmerica solutions like Medical Scribes help care teams work more efficiently, while Care Navigators, Population Health Scribes and innovative AI-driven technology help improve patient engagement and care coordination. Our integrated approach combines workflow optimization strategies with cutting-edge technology to help you build a culture of success and continuous improvement.

Put the Power of People Behind Your Technology
Providers and nurses deserve so much more than the status quo of long hours and decreased job satisfaction. Our results-driven solutions address population health challenges, reduce documentation errors, improve RAF scores and Quality Care Measures across the entire care continuum. We see your biggest challenges as your greatest opportunities.
Population Health Scribes
For healthcare systems to deliver quality care to the populations they serve, our Population Health Scribes provide a robust solution designed to assess social determinants of health. We ensure care teams foster relationships with patients by providing unparalleled support and guidance throughout the healthcare journey.
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Care Navigators
Our skilled navigators understand the external influences and restrictions to care, while our training ensures each navigator is equipped to go the extra mile. From measuring changes over time, to encouraging patients to gain control of their health, we establish critical touch points with patients.
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