The Standard in professional scribe training and management

Why ScribeAmerica?

Why ScribeAmerica?


ExperienceScribeAmerica essentially created the medical Scribe industry, we are the nation's most frequently used and largest professional scribe training and management company, present in over 2,600 healthcare facilities, in 50 states and employing more than 15,000 scribes. We have successfully completed medical scribe programs across a wide spectrum of local environments; rural hospitals, urban hospitals, teaching facilities, private practices, and highly political organizations. These successes provide us with expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. Our medical scribes have been able to prove time and time again that they can master any electronic medical record system, while dramatically increasing physician productivity. We've even successfully pioneered the concept of using scribes to mitigate the decrease in efficiency during EHR implementation- the nation's first!



Due to our size, proven success and versatility we have financial resources and business expertise not available to other outsourcing groups, providing stability in your outsourcing relationship and the security that we can deliver on the promises we make to you.



ScribeAmerica is owned and operated in a large part by actual medical scribes and scribe managers, not by MDs. Therefore, we are not financially hamstrung by the large salaries of upper management and instead have been able to invest in our administration as well as in the education of our scribes.  With our simplified cost structure and capped training costs, we are liable for reaching the goal date within budget.

The Standard in Training

The Standard in TrainingFact: the lack of standardization in training is the most common reason for medical scribe program failure. Through the creation of the nation's first scribe textbook and the Continuing Scribe Education delivered through cutting edge audio and video training scenarios, we educate our medical scribes in all the components of physician documentation; from allergy to trauma surgery. Our quality of training sets us apart from the competition. Our career partners will start your program, whereas the other company's upper management will never spend a day in your department. This ensures that every level of management for your medical scribe program has a true vested interest in its success, something you will not find with any other scribe company.



ScribeAmerica is recommended by Emergency Excellence (, an organization dedicated to ED process excellence through benchmarking, surveying key stakeholders, and incorporating best practices. Emergency Excellence awards the Emergency Medicine Center of Excellence designation to those with superior performance and is the nation's first designation to recognize superior care. Emergency Excellence feels we are part of those best practices and superior care.

Legal and Insured

Our legal team is on retainer and they review our employer practices to ensure compliance with state laws. Additionally, we hold active policies with regards to worker's compensation, errors and omissions, and general liability, which means, you don't have to.