April 21, 2021

ScribeAmerica Update: Speke Notifications

Speke Notifications Offer a Simple Feedback Loop for Complete and Efficient Documentation Read More
With Speke, our goal is to deliver a tool that is highly sophisticated yet very simple to use. A documentation assistant should improve your interaction with patients while delivering complete and accurate clinical documentation.With Speke Notifications, you can rest assured that your documentation is as accurate as possible. As scribes review your encounter, they can send a simple alert when any specificity or additional details are needed for a complete and accurate note. Notification badges appear at the top of your Speke dashboard. Simply submit a quick recording with the needed information and your scribe will complete the clinical note.


  1. Visits with missing information are flagged. Tap “show flagged visits” to display all events that have flags.
  2. The reason for the flag is shown at the top of the screen.
  3. Missing information can be provided one of three ways:

    Method 1: Add a new recording to provide missing information (it can be a short verbal update).
    Method 2: Add information by adding a text note.
    Method 3: Add missing information directly into the EHR.

  4. Resolve the flag by tapping “dismiss” once finished.