Vital Signs: Transforming Nurse Work-Flows in the Age of Burnout
How Nurse Scribes Reduce Burnout and the Skyrocketing Cost of Care


Agile organizations have made significant progress to mitigate provider burnout, without compromising care quality. With the adoption of value-based healthcare, providers are now reimbursed for the quality of clinical care delivered and not simply for the time spent with patients. Unfortunately, the same measures to reduce burnout for providers within the new paradigm have yet to be taken for nurses—the mission-critical members of the care team who advocate for patients and their families.

Developing a nurse-centered solution, one that translates the growing evidence of nurse burnout into strategic action, and aligns performance with prevention, doesn’t have to be complicated.

For years, health systems have implemented a myriad of non-clinical initiatives to support providers. Leading administrators to deploy medical scribes to reduce documentation burdens, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make their health systems far safer. From administrative relief to Chief Wellness Officers, providers are receiving the critical support they deserve. The result has been a reduction in medical errors, improved care quality, and more satisfied patients. And with an increasingly consumer driven patient population comparison shopping for care, low satisfaction scores and negative online reviews have a substantial impact, and can lead patients to seek care with a competitor.