Scribes reduce physician burnout by 27%

The strain on physicians, regardless of speciality, has never been greater. And the need for quality clinical documentation continues to grow.

Equipping your clinical teams with medical scribes eases physician burden, improves clinical documentation, and radically improves patient experience

ScribeAmerica can help, with in-person, virtual and ambient AI solutions

AMA sees 27% reduction in burnout using scribes

A recent study showed a reported 27% reduction in burnout among primary care physicians from simply adding scribes to their care team. Lower burnout means high job satisfaction for your doctors. Higher job satisfaction for your doctors means less churn and better patient satisfaction.

Scribes unlock the potential of your care teams

ScribeAmerica delivers deep medical scribe expertise in-person, virtually, and via the latest AI-enabled technology to meet your clinical needs. And with service spanning over 80 specialities, there is no clinical environment that we can improve

In-Person, Virtual or AI-Assisted: We’ve Got You Covered

Not all care settings are alike, so a scribe service should be customizable. From specialty-specific training, to three distinct delivery models, ScribeAmerica offers scribe and care coordination services designed to fit your unique needs. 

“My scribe has made such a profound difference in my work day. I can’t imagine going back to the way it was before. It’s great for my patients. Now I can focus on them and not on my computer.”

J. Smith, Physician

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