Evolution of the Scribe

ScribeAmerica has a longstanding reputation for providing an unmatched level of scribe training. Those who partner with ScribeAmerica can rest easy knowing our medical scribes are already trained on ICD-10 medical coding. However, in the new era of healthcare, change is constant. That’s why, with the collaborative efforts of the ScribeAmerica suite of companies, our medical scribe training has evolved to meet the demands of top healthcare systems, across specialties. Our medical scribe programs are customizable with Artificial Intelligence chatbots, referral management software, billing & coding capabilities and more.

Nearly two decades ago, ScribeAmerica was established with the goal of putting doctors back in the practice of medicine. As a company founded by medical professionals, preserving the patient-provider relationships remains at the core of our mission. Every day we meet the needs of providers over-burdened by electronic medical records. Our strategists identify the trends and opportunities to boost the return on investment of your tailored scribe program.

By deploying superior documentation expertise and ancillary support, care teams throughout the United States, Canada and Australia have benefit from an increased level of productivity. Practices enjoy more engaged patients as a result of our medical scribe programs and ScribeAmerica expertise.

Through our valued relationships with leading healthcare organizations, and our proven track record of success, today the role of the scribe has evolved and expanded, and so have our solutions, with the rising cost of healthcare in mind. Utilizing a combination of best-practices, Artificial Intelligence and next-generation Revenue Cycle Management software, we deliver decisive and innovative solutions to enhance the capabilities of the dedicated healthcare teams we serve.