Why Speke?

Do you sometimes wonder whether the people who develop technology actually use it? From mobile phone apps to toasters, how many times do you ask yourself, "why would they build it that way!?" Speke has been built by a team of machine learning and healthcare experts that are guided by the principle that technology should be simple, intuitive and, most importantly, help you deliver more personalized care.

You Speke, We Listen

With Speke, you have a robust documentation assistant in your corner unlike any other solution available. Utilizing machine learning, and backed by the clinical expertise from the nation’s leading documentation specialists, all you have to do is Speke up, and we’ll handle the rest.


Human Interaction, Machine Learning: Speke frees doctors from time consuming documentation so you can spend more time with patients. 


Unique EHR? No Problem: Speke can sync directly with your EHR so all you have to do is review and sign. 


“Stupid Easy” (so we’ve been told): Speke’s technology is available on your mobile phone – fast, accurate documentation, wherever you are. 


Rapid Deployment: Our agile platform allows us to customize Speke to fit your individual needs and get you up and running immediately.