Speke – The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

Today, more than ever, the healthcare industry is looking for innovative strategies that will help care teams provide more efficient and personalized care to patients. ScribeAmerica is uniquely positioned to pair cutting edge technology with specialized labor to help optimize care delivery.

We’re working with healthcare leaders to develop new strategies, whether affordable team-based flex models for emergency departments, or comprehensive administrative and navigation support for ambulatory care.

Comprehensive Technology & Labor Support

Our vision is to utilize machine learning technology, paired with integrated virtual and in-person labor, to provide full-service support that allows care teams to work top-of-license. Strategies are tailored specific to care settings, and address the full patient experience. 

For example, in outpatient clinics, Population Health Assistants (PHAs) – whether virtual or in-person – help support pre-visit planning as they identify care gaps such as quality measures, look for RAF/HCC opportunities, and communicate all needs to the care team prior to visits. During the patient visit, Speke supports in-room ambient documentation while PHAs complete other ancillary tasks, such as review of patient needs and other care team support. Post-visit, the PHA reviews and schedules referrals, ensures all care gaps and quality measure documentation is complete, provides SDoH strategy support, completes care plan check-ins, and more.

Models like these are tailored across care settings, and designed to meet the specific needs of each care team. To learn more about how we’re preparing care teams for the next era of healthcare, reach out to us at info@scribeamerica.com.