Referral Management

Transform Your Practice with Interactive Referral Management. The traditional patient referral process is broken resulting in more work for already BURDENED PHYSICIANS and a poor experience for your customer, the patient. This inefficiency results in physicians that are frustrated, patients that don’t show up for appointments, and lost revenues for health systems seeking to keep patients satisfied and within their network. Our Referral Management solution allows the patient to have a hassle-free experience in getting to the right provider to receive quality care.

Minimize the Number of Patients Referred Out of Network

Siloed and ineffective communication between clinical teams during the referral process impacts health systems and risk-bearing networks to the tune of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue. With ScribeAmerica’s Referral Management program, the interactive communication channels lead to better compliance with follow-up appointments, and ensures quality of care throughout the care continuum by keeping patients within the appropriate network of care.
Enables care teams to communicate notes and clinical data through secure modules
Allows flexibility to achieve your specific referral management goals

Provide faster response times and scheduling


Streamlines follow-up with patients for compliance

Half the Patients Referred to Specialists Never Complete the Visit

With real-time, in-app communication, care teams can view provider availability and schedule the appointment before the patient leaves the clinical setting. Studies show that patients are 60% more likely to make their referred appointment if it is scheduled in the clinical setting. Our program makes point-of-care referral management hassle-free, ensuring a more pleasant experience for your patients. Our Referral Management program leads to proven results that improve your bottom line while leading to more satisfied patients:

Increases physician engagement and revenues.

Increases patient access to targeted in-network doctors.

Improves care coordination, including clinical data sharing, to improve patient outcomes.