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#ScribeStories: Fall 2021 Roundup

Our #ScribeStories series includes memories, profiles and more from our ScribeAmerica community. In the fall of 2020, we were able to share these testimonials on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Below is a roundup of our this past season’s stories.

Nicole Sams


I had just moved states during the pandemic and an internship I had lined up was canceled. I don’t know how many hours I spent searching for jobs, anything, to get by while I finish my degree in Health Admin. I took a chance and applied to be a scribe. I remember it was Halloween when I found out I got the job and I gorged myself on candy in celebration. I woke up at 6 am to bike to the coffee shop, get 2 coffees, and start training.

It was honestly so amazing to be in healthcare in any capacity. I was so nervous I would mess up or forget important information, but my manager and trainer were more than helpful and the physician I work with always gave me feedback. And even though I am a Telescribe, I have never felt that my disabilities are under scrutiny. They have even helped me give feedback to how systems work and I feel honored that I’m able to be a part of that.

I get a lot of questions about what I’m doing once I graduate, and my answer is always ‘keep working.’ This community has given me opportunities I would have never had otherwise and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Anna Pantuso

Medical Scribe

“I’ve been a scribe at ScribeAmerica for 2.5 years. I chose to apply for this job in hopes that it would help me build up my application for medical school. This job gave me so much more.

I have had the opportunity to work side by side with the most incredible physicians specialized in plastic surgery, family medicine, and orthopedics. The relationships that I have established with these doctors allowed me to shadow them after hours, shadow them in the OR, and travel to India on a medical mission!

I have learned so much knowledge about medicine in general and within each specialty, each doctor has taught me information pertaining to their role in medicine. I am so grateful for the opportunities presented to me through this job and I plan to continue working with this company right up to my acceptance into medical school.

I could not recommend my role enough to anyone who is interested in medicine. I genuinely love my job, and I cannot wait to see what other opportunities await me in the future!”

Ian Fraser

Medical Scribe

Hello! My name is Ian Fraser, and I am a Scribe working in Family Medicine at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA.

Coming to work at ScribeAmerica was an unexpected but welcome change of plans for me. When the pandemic began last year, I was finishing my BA in Spanish at UVA while getting medical and legal clearance to serve as a Community Health Facilitator in Peru with the Peace Corps. Ultimately, my assignment was delayed indefinitely, so I applied for this job while studying for the MCAT over the summer. I started working in the fall and have been here ever since.

I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work alongside so many compassionate and dedicated individuals. I have learned so much as a Scribe in Family Medicine, and I know that this foundation will serve me well in my career. Next stop (hopefully): medical school, class of ‘26!

Benjamin Veenstra

Veterinary Scribe

Working for ScribeAmerica has been an incredible experience for me and has prepared me for a future in veterinary medicine for many reasons.

First, working alongside real life veterinarians has given me a view of how a veterinarian works and interacts with other medical professionals and staff. I have also gained amazing relationships with the veterinarians that I work with and hope to use them as references for applying to veterinary school.

Second, this job has given me an abundance of knowledge in medical terminology, diagnoses, medications, procedures, etc. I have gained more medical knowledge in working this job than I have in all of my years in schooling.

Finally, my own scribe coworkers and leaders have been a great encouragement to me and I have had nothing but positive interactions with them. I would recommend working for ScribeAmerica to anyone due to these reasons.

Kate Clark

Senior Account Manager

Nearly 3 years ago, I arrived at my first scribing shift as a nervous, excited, and eager pre-med student. I had recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Community Health with a focus in Health Administration from the University of Illinois. Throughout the next few months, I determined that my instinct was right – I loved the medical field and the many opportunities it encompassed.

I was offered a position as a Chief Scribe shortly after and continued my education. In the following two years, I continued as a Chief Scribe throughout the city of Indianapolis at many different scribe sites. I was able to build team morale and scribe-provider relationships during this time and found that I loved the process each and every time.

Recently, I was offered the position of Senior Account Manager for Indiana, where I now get to manage, support and guide other chief scribes in doing what I did and loved for so long. It is truly a humbling experience to watch the ‘lifecycle’ of a scribe and dig deeper into the scribe experience. I absolutely love my job and the company I work for! If you are considering working with ScribeAmerica as a medical scribe, apply now and never look back – you will not regret it!

Emilie Maxie

Scribe Alum

I decided to change careers and become a nurse in my mid 30s. I had no medical experience so I became a scribe. I was a scribe for 7 years, before and during nursing school. I scribed in the ED in California and for hospitalists in Colorado. With Scribeamerica, I was able to relocate and keep my position.

I honestly loved the job. Scribing seems to be more appropriate for aspiring doctors or PAs, but I would advise nursing students to be scribes instead of CNAs. Skills can be learned during school and on the job. With scribing, you gain medical knowledge that is so important for nurses to understand and question the rationale behind doctors orders and plan of care.

After school I got a new grad nursing position in the ICU at Hopkins. When I had to present my patients during rounds, I was confident because of my scribing experience. I knew the information that was relevant and how to communicate with the attending and residents. I love seeing scribes on the unit and always want to talk to them because they bring me many good memories of my own experience!”

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