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Q&A: Nicole Lewis, Scribe Alum

Nicole Lewis, scribe alum with Marina Del Rey Hospital, is currently pursuing her masters degree at Boston University in Medical Sciences with the goal of applying to medical school in 2023. We asked Nicole about her experience working with ScribeAmerica:

Q: How did you get started with ScribeAmerica?
A: I reached out to a mentor of mine to inquire about opportunities to gain clinical experience as an undergrad and she recommended scribing. From there, I did a Google search to look for scribe positions and found ScribeAmerica.

Q: What is it about ScribeAmerica’s culture that keeps you engaged?
A: Two things I loved about ScribeAmerica’s culture was the supportive working environment and an opportunity for constant learning and growth. There is always something new to be learned whether that is an unfamiliar diagnosis, medication, or procedure which is what makes being a scribe so exciting. With each thing you learn, you are getting one step closer to being prepared for a future in healthcare.

Q: What are your plans once you have graduated from medical school?
A: I aspire to become a family medicine doctor who works in underserved communities. I would also love to start a premedical mentorship program to extend guidance to high school and college students interested in healthcare.

Q: What advice would you give to future scribes?
A: Be proactive! Working in a hospital can get very busy, very fast. That said, it is an important skill to constantly be thinking one step ahead to maximize efficiency and to avoid falling behind on your charts. Some proactivity tips include reading the nursing notes before seeing the patient to have background on their presenting illness, setting up the chart early, and regularly checking for laboratory or diagnostic results.

Q: Would you recommend being a scribe to others? Why?
A: Absolutely! I loved my experience working as a scribe because it gave me ample clinical exposure to a myriad of patient cases, diagnostic imaging, and medical terminology. I have a deeper understanding of how a physician makes medical decisions and what it means to provide compassionate patient care. Being a scribe truly confirmed for me that I want to pursue medicine.

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