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A Guide to Delivering Results

We have all heard of this “Deliver Results” phrase but what does it actually mean and why is it important? Check out our dissection of what it means to deliver results & why your success depends on it!

What does it mean to Deliver Results?

Delivering results will look different for each person, but the end goal should be the same, helping people, help people. It is simple, to deliver results means to:

  • Always perform at your highest level of capacity
  • Continually Follow-through on your commitments
  • Don’t forget to follow-up on your tasks
  • Consistently hold your team accountable

Does Delivering Results Only Influence Me and My Success?

When you deliver results, not only are you making yourself look good (let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good?), but you’re also making your team and your peers around you look good. Many of our tasks require a team effort and if the team does not do well, no one does. Like the old saying- “a team is only as strong as its weakest link”- but if everyone is constantly and consistently delivering results of quality and assurance, then that’s a pretty strong team, right? Not only are you influencing yourself and your success, but also you are taking people with you to the top.

What does Delivering Results Mean for Our Company?

We all play a major part in how well we do as a company and how much satisfaction we provide to our clients. Our providers expect quality work from their scribes & a high level of management and decision making from our management, to provide a high quality of care to the patients. If we do not deliver what we promise to our clients, their providers lose their productivity, experience lower job satisfaction, and see fewer patients, all leading to a decrease in overall chart quality and advanced support.

Is Delivering Results Only Beneficial and Conducive to My Work Life?

Imagine this: You have a group project in school that requires a collaborative effort from everyone in the group- each member has a specific task that is required of them to be successful. On the day of the presentation, there’s one member that is responsible for providing visual aids, the thumb drive with the PowerPoint on it and handouts for the class. When this person arrives, the visual aids are mediocre and the handouts are very poor quality- everyone can tell that there was little effort put into this work. This poor effort causes everyone in the group to get a lower grade than they would have if the quality were better- essentially your hard work went unnoticed because of one group member’s inability to deliver results.

Delivering results not only impacts your work life but it is pretty important in your personal life as well. Relationships with people in our lives depends on our ability to deliver results- friends, family, roommates, etc. expect us to deliver results every day. With daily routines such as taking out the trash, cleaning your room or home, providing or cooking dinner, remembering/ acknowledging someone’s birthday- all of these things are how we deliver results every day to make for better relationships and be successful at it.

So as you go throughout your day, think about how you can deliver results a little bit better each moment. Whether you are at work or home, make this a priority & be intentional about delivering results and watch how things change for the better.