Right-Sizing Staffing Ratios

Partner with our team for a top-of-license strategy

For health systems looking to realign their staffing ratios for the demands of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, deploying a scribe program proactively addresses provider burnout, patient satisfaction, and cost. Unlock your potential to deliver precision medicine with a medical scribe program designed to impact the metrics that matter.

At ScribeAmerica, we build momentum and revitalize stagnant care teams with medical scribe support. Research shows that under-staffed and over-worked practices lead to more medical errors and burnt out prodivers. Often staffing ratios left unchecked incrementally drive down revenue with increased overtime costs and consumer-centric patients looking elsewhere for care.

With nearly two decades of experience optimizing care teams to work top-of license, we have developed best-practices for the most common staffing challenges. By deploying a scribe program, leading health systems have started to better manage the populations they serve, often without additional providers.

Our team configures, trains and manages a scribe program and tracks metrics for success. Conventional work-flows for under-staffed practices are no longer sustainable. We take pride in running diagnostics to address staffing ratio concerns, and deploy highly-trained scribes to fill in the care gaps.