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As healthcare evolves, so do the challenges that come with it. ScribeAmerica offers comprehensive and customizable solutions that put providers back at the bedside.

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ScribeAmerica can help, with in-person, virtual and ambient AI solutions

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See how medical scribes are the key to transforming your care team performance.

Setting and improving the standard for medical scribes

Innovative clients use scribes because they know what it means for their care teams to excel. As our industry involves, so does healthcare’s definition of efficiency and excellence.

For 20 years, ScribeAmerica has set out to establish the standard of care for healthcare providers nationwide. Now, we’re improving on it by enhancing scribe services, refining training best practices, and reaching providers in their unique settings.

In-Person, Virtual or AI-Assisted: We’ve Got You Covered

Not all care settings are alike, so a scribe service should be customizable. From specialty-specific training, to three distinct delivery models, ScribeAmerica offers scribe and care coordination services designed to fit your unique needs. 

“My scribe has made such a profound difference in my work day. I can’t imagine going back to the way it was before. It’s great for my patients. Now I can focus on them and not on my computer.”

J. Smith, Physician

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