June 06, 2018

ScribeAmerica praises the VA Mission Act of 2018, which expands access to veterans and establishes a Medical Scribe Pilot Program to address provider efficiency

Aiming to overcome the interoperability and healthcare challenges facing veterans and their families, President Donald J. Trump signs milestone legislation to bring VA care into the modern age through increased medical care access and the introduction of a medical scribe pilot program.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – June 7, 2018 – On Wednesday, June 6, President Trump signed The VA Mission Act of 2018, authorizing legislation for a streamlined, 21st century approach to fragmented veteran healthcare. The landmark bill marks a shift in the Veterans Health Administration’s care delivery process. The new plan allows veterans to see doctors outside of the Veterans Affairs integrated healthcare system, and introduces a medical scribe pilot program to increase provider productivity, and decrease patient wait times.

As the Veterans Health Administration struggled with interoperability caused by Electronic Medical Records and documentation regulations, legislatures including Rep. David Roe, M.D (R-Tenn.) worked to pass The VA Medical Scribe Pilot Act in June of 2017. The legislation sought to right-size care team workflow by providing doctors with access to medical scribes to document patient encounters in the EMR. Today, the VA Mission Act includes the implementation of medical scribes to support VA doctors with administrative and ancillary duties.

For nearly two decades, ScribeAmerica, a subsidiary of HealthChannels, has deployed medical scribes to the frontlines of healthcare delivery in Emergency Departments, Hospitals and Private Practices throughout the United States. The company was founded by CEO Dr. Michael Murphy, a veteran and former Army Ranger in the 1st Ranger Battalion in Savannah, Georgia with the mission to make healthcare delivery more efficient, and improve patient outcomes. Utilizing transferable strategy and leadership skills from his service, the company has grown steadily and received seven consecutive placements on the Inc. 500/5000 list. A significant driver of ScribeAmerica’s success is the commitment to employing veterans in every facet of company leadership.

“As a veteran and an MD, I am keenly aware of the challenges veterans and their families face to receiving quality healthcare, and I am proud of the legislation signed today knowing that interoperability goals are achievable with medical scribes,” says Dr. Murphy. “VA physicians are dangerously overburdened by increased documentation and are more likely to make medical errors, and less likely to operate top-of license when unassisted. The VA Mission Act puts medical scribes in service of providers caring for the numerous veterans returning from combat with physical ailments and mental health needs. I am moved to learn that an industry ScribeAmerica has lead since the end of my Army Ranger service in 2004 will optimize care delivery for veterans and their families.”

ScribeAmerica has a history of supporting veterans since its inception and most recently hosted the annual Fore the Brave Pro Am Golf Tournament in February, 2018 to raise much needed funds for notable veteran’s organizations including Folds of Honor, The Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund, and Wounded Veterans Relief Fund.

About ScribeAmerica

ScribeAmerica was established in 2004 as a clinical documentation solution for providers transitioning to the electronic medical record (EMR). The company’s focus on improving the accuracy and quality of patient documentation has resulted in higher patient satisfaction scores, improved revenue cycle, and better continuity of care. The company has recruited, trained, and managed over 45,000 medical scribes nationwide.

About HealthChannels

HealthChannels is a group of three distinct, highly specialized companies helping providers usher in the new era of healthcare. ScribeAmerica, QueueLogix and CareThrough collectively meet the full range of increasingly complex healthcare data and documentation needs, improving clinical outcomes through highly-skilled clerical support. The leader in medical scribes, patient navigation and back-office coding and billing coordination, HealthChannels trains and manages more than 15,000 employees across 50 states and three countries.

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