May 15, 2024

ScribeAmerica Continues to Evolve Speke AI Clinical Documentation Offering

Speke AI solution sees significant growth in usage year over year.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, May 16, 2024 –  ScribeAmerica has announced continued evolution and significant usage growth of their artificial intelligence scribe application Speke. Speke patient encounters more than doubled in the previous twelve months contributing to the approximate 30 million patient encounters ScribeAmerica services annually. As one of the first AI scribe solutions on the market, Speke by ScribeAmerica showcases how artificial intelligence can be deployed without compromising on the requirements of individual providers or the accuracy of healthcare data entered into the EHR.

“While artificial intelligence tools are becoming more common in clinical environments, we believe that providers shouldn’t have to sacrifice documentation quality or suffer using technology that doesn’t deliver on its promise,” says Tony Andrulonis, President at ScribeAmerica. “Speke is designed to fit seamlessly into a provider’s existing workflows and use the latest AI models to deliver documentation that is accurate, timely, and in line with the preferences of individual providers.”

Speke continues to be one of the most well-adopted AI scribe applications available on the market due to features such as:

  • Real-time AI tuned to provider preferences resulting in a more accurate note.
  • Quality assurance and white-glove support from trained specialists, giving each provider experienced and capable support.
  • No time-intensive IT implementations with the EHR. Documentation data can be entered by a trained specialist quickly and accurately into the EHR.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface designed to be used quickly and easily whether in an emergency department or ambulatory care setting.

“AI is evolving rapidly and we are committed to accelerated development of Speke to continue to meet the needs of individual physicians, independent medical groups, and large healthcare organizations alike,” says Vadim Khazan, Executive Vice President of Speke at ScribeAmerica. “ScribeAmerica continues to add top product talent and machine learning expertise from technology leaders like Amazon and Microsoft and we are excited about the big releases for Speke that will be available to providers very soon.”

Speke by ScribeAmerica is available today to ease the administrative burdens placed on providers. 

For more information about Speke, visit the ScribeAmerica website at


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