April 05, 2015

ScribeAmerica Announces Merger of Southern California Based Competitor, Medical Scribe Systems

The merger of Medical Scribe Systems will enhance ScribeAmerica’s position as the industry’s premier national enterprise solution and preeminent provider of scribe talent and management.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – April 6, 2015 – ScribeAmerica, the nation’s largest and most frequently used professional scribe training and management company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Medical Scribe Systems (Emergency Medicine Scribe Systems, Inc.).

Medical Scribe Systems (MSS) was founded in 2006 and gained its reputation in the industry by supplying Southern California physicians with well-trained medical scribes. MSS scribe programs generated financial and clinical performance improvements through detailed and accurate documentation, fueling their growth into 24 states and beyond.

ScribeAmerica has provided critical innovation and scribe solutions to the medical community for over a decade. The company is now poised for a new era of national enterprise services with a wider breadth of opportunities and deeper market penetration. The MSS partnership will serve to strengthen ScribeAmerica’s foundation for continued excellence throughout their next decade of innovation.

“By integrating MSS into ScribeAmerica we are gaining connections to new regions and clientele, broadening our service lines, enhancing our local and regional support for existing clients, and spreading our vision and culture of best practice” said ScribeAmerica’s founder and CEO Dr. Michael Murphy.

“Providers and healthcare organizations recognize the superior level of service we provide,” said Dr. Murphy, “in 2014 alone, prior to the MSS acquisition, ScribeAmerica assumed management of more than 60 existing scribe programs from other scribe vendors.” With the partnership of MSS, ScribeAmerica is adding an additional 90 locations to its portfolio.

With over ten years of industry leading experience, and a footprint spanning 44 states, 720 practice locations, while contributing to over 22 million patient encounters in 2014, ScribeAmerica is the nations largest independent provider of scribe talent and management. ScribeAmerica’ ongoing commitment to providing “best in class” services to all who entrust the company with their critical needs has fueled the company’s rapid growth. With the addition of our care coordination module and real-time point of service coding, LiveCode, ScribeAmerica is meeting the needs for todays and tomorrows healthcare.

About ScribeAmerica
ScribeAmerica employs more than 6,000 medical scribes across 44 states and is the nation’s most widely recognized specialist in professional medical scribe training, education, and management. ScribeAmerica is the preferred vendor for over 720 practice locations, including more than 40 medical sub-specialties.

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