Urology Scribes

Like most outpatient practices in the United States, bottom lines are heading in the wrong direction. Access to care and patient wait times are up while physician productivity and patient encounters are stymied by non-clinical tasks such as documentation and data entry. How are urology practices across the country overcoming these challenges to run a more efficient and profitable practice? By adding a professionally trained urology scribe to take care of the non-clinical work allowing urologists to focus solely on what matters most - patient care.

How would your urology practice benefit from saving up to one third or more of physician time spent per patient visit? Added hours would be realized which translates into increased productivity and the ability to see more patients per day while enhancing physician-patient encounters and overall satisfaction. Urology scribes from ScribeAmerica, the industry leader in MEDICAL SCRIBE placements across the United States, are currently providing those BENEFITS and more to urology practices just like yours.

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