Psychiatry Scribes

Psychiatrists know that the patient/physician encounter is crucially important in a psychiatry practice. Unfortunately, the job also requires a large amount of paperwork and data entry, which takes time away from or lessens the quality of the encounter. Instead of dividing your time between your patients and data entry, increase productivity through the placement of a professionally trained medical scribe from ScribeAmerica to take the load of ehr documentation and additional non-clinical tasks off your shoulders. This not only allows you to focus completely on patient care and medical decision making, but it also increases your efficiency, reduces stress and frees up time in your schedule to see more patients.

Employing close to 25,000 scribes in all 50 states, ScribeAmerica is the largest and most frequently used SCRIBE TRAINING, MANAGEMENT AND PLACEMENT ORGANIZATION in the country. Outpatient specialist scribes are thoroughly trained for specific areas of medicine, including psychiatry. 

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