Pediatrics Scribes

Technology is meant to improve efficiency and while EMR certainly provides technological benefits it creates challenges that pediatric practices must overcome in order to be successful. These challenges include interference with physician-patient encounter and time spent per patient visit as pediatricians are interacting with a computer, patient and typically parents of the patient all at the same time. For providers who keep the computer out of the exam room, late nights of data entry and additional stress are a guarantee.

Pediatric scribes are the solution to experience increased physician-patient encounters and satisfaction by allowing pediatricians to focus solely on patient care. With a pediatric scribe, providers become free from data entry and non-clinical tasks which has been shown to save up to one third, or even more of the physicians time per visit which adds up to several hours a week. The BENEFITS have been proven at over 3,500 HEALTHCARE SETTINGS IN ALL 50 STATES, where over 25,000 medical scribes employed by ScribeAmerica work alongside Pediatricians every day.

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