Orthopaedic Scribes

Orthopedists typically want to live breathe and eat in the operating room but in order to do so they must see patients in their practice and document the encounter. To date we have yet to meet a Orthopedist that enjoys the time consuming data entry that EMR’s bring. ScribeAmerica can augment and enhance your orthopedic practice by providing a professionally trained medical scribe in orthopedics to accurately document patient encounters in your EHR, handle ICD-10 diagnosis, meaningful use, CPT codes and even help schedule your patients for their surgery. By having a certified medical scribe take care of these ancillary duties, your orthopedists can spend more time with and see more patients per day, ultimately allowing them to book more patients for their favorite place, the OR.

Orthopaedic scribes are trained specifically for your sub specialty within Orthopedics- Spine, Foot and Ankle, Hand, Sports Medicine, Hip and Knee, Pediatrics, Trauma and more. ScribeAmerica pioneered the training, management and placement of medical scribes and is recognized and respected in hospitals and outpatient practices across the United States.

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