Dermatology Scribes

Every outpatient practice faces challenges when it comes to paperwork, prepping charts, filling out forms and handling data entry. Dermatology practices are no different. Your practice's productivity, reputation and bottom line can be greatly enhanced by utilizing a dermatology medical scribe to help streamline nonclinical tasks so doctors can focus on patients. Utilizing a professionally certified medical scribe from ScribeAmerica will provide greater patient experience during visits and an increase in PHYSICIAN PRODUCTIVITY resulting in an increase in available hours to see more patients.

As outpatient scribes have been shown to save up to one third of the normal time of a patient visit, what does this mean for you as a dermatologist? It means less stress, evenings at home instead of afterhours data entry, additional patients seen per day and more. As the nations most frequently used professional scribe training and management company in the United States with over 25,000 employees providing assisted documentation services in over 3,500 HEALTHCARE FACILITIES THROUGHOUT THE U.S., ScribeAmerica is committed to helping dermatology practices such as yours thrive despite the burden of EMR, federal, and insurance regulations.

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