Veterinary solutions, from the nation’s leader in Scribe services.

As a leader in medical scribes, ScribeAmerica has helped optimize care teams for nearly twenty years. ScribeAmerica has adapted the scribe model across numerous care settings and specialties, now including veterinary medicine. Veterinarians have been experiencing the increased burden of administrative tasks including documentation, which generally takes them well beyond normal clinic hours. This burden leads to less productivity, time away from patient care, and increased burnout. Our Veterinary Scribes can assist with lessening the documentation load, increase charge capture, and improve overall satisfaction.

The veterinary scribe training program includes thorough classroom training and floor training, followed by periodic continuing education. The dedicated management team regularly reviews site performance, and provides regular quality reports to ensure programs are running smoothly and at peak efficiency. Depending on the needs of your facility, we offer virtual and in-person services.

Samantha Benasutti, Chief Veterinary Scribe

“In my time as Chief Scribe, I have received feedback numerous times that the scribes have a significant impact on the quality of life for veterinarians. I have worked with providers who were considering leaving the field, but stayed because the scribes made it possible. Scribes record physical exam findings and write procedure reports, making it possible for the doctor to focus on patients and procedures. This allows the doctor to do what they do best: medicine.”