Care Team Assistants

As healthcare becomes more consumer focused, ScribeAmerica pairs out of industry best practices with nearly two decades of medical scribe leadership to improve care team performance. A tailored, Next-Generation CTA Program extends your ability to support patients throughout their care journey.

Don’t leave better health outcomes to chance. Care Team Assistants transform practice work-flows for increased efficiency.

At ScribeAmerica, we design customized CTA programs with superior performance in mind. CTAs support the entire patient experience from the moment the patient enters the clinical setting to discharge, CTAs make sure your care goals are achieved. Whether your practice struggles with documentation volume or has failed to document for the accurate level of care, CTAs are there to update charts and coordinate bill drop.

What’s more, the next evolution of the medical scribe, paired with artificial intelligence has the capacity to reach more patients in less time. Through ambient digital technology, CTAs are able to send text messages with directions to the site, discharge information, care plans and more. CTAs coordinate so you can care and cure.

Reduce ancillary burden with CTAs scheduling appointments and follow-up care

Rapidly improve patient engagement metrics


Close gaps in care with CTAs paired with cutting edge technology


Support providers for improved job satisfaction

With a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, one of the advantages of Care Team Assistants is the ability to assign and keep track of patient groups based on the metrics you choose. Tracking important data points improves care planning for the population you serve. CTAs empower overburdened practices to take advantage of the extra bandwidth, the result of having additional support, to work more effectively on top-of-license tasks.