Alumni Referral Program

By making a referral to fill positions at ScribeAmerica, you have the opportunity to earn a $50 Amazon gift card upon hire of your candidate, with unlimited earning potential! There’s no better time to start referring and help build the healthcare workforce of the future.

Help Shape the Future of Healthcare

For two decades, we’ve been recognized as the industry leader in medical scribes, with nearly 15,000 scribes in all 50 states. We have earned that honor by hiring and investing in the most motivated and skilled scribe candidates like you.

As alumni, you know firsthand that scribe experience can help prepare young professionals for a wide assortment of healthcare careers. Just as you have moved from scribes to leaders in the medical field, referrals identified by you will help transform the industry and build the medical workforce of the future. That’s why we created the Alumni Referral Program to work with you to discover more skilled scribe candidates.

In addition to joining our program, we are offering a $50 dollar Amazon gift card for each referral who is hired, with unlimited earning potential! 

How Does It Work?

-Fill out and submit the form below.
-Your referral will receive an email with steps to apply to ScribeAmerica.
-Upon hire of your referral, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card to your email address provided in the form.

ScribeAmerica Success: Share Your Story

Our video testimonials are just one way we celebrate our alumni. By sharing your story with ScribeAmerica, you will be able to develop connections between past and present scribes, navigators and other employees. 

If you are interested in participating in our alumni videos, email us at We look forward to sharing your success!

The Scribe Experience: ScribeAmerica Alumni Profiles

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ScribeAmerica Alumni Profiles: Dilan Patel