Reimagine EDs Powered by Next-Generation CTAs

Our team of experts have developed innovative strategies with combined insights from the retail sector and nearly two decades of medical scribe leadership to improve care team performance. A tailored Next-Generation CTA Program extends your ability to support patients throughout their care journey.

Accelerate Change, Minimize Costs, and Gain a Competitive Advantage for your ED.

Today’s consumer-driven patients frequently compare health systems based on ease of use, wait times, and overall experience. The rise of consumerism in healthcare coupled with decreased patient volumes has ushered in a complex set of challenges for leading Emergency Departments. Next-Generation Care Team Assistants create a new opportunity to disrupt the status-quo.

For nearly two decades, our medical scribe programs have reduced documentation burdens and allowed providers to remain at the patient bedside, engaged in critical decision making at the point of care. Now, CTAs integrate seamlessly within ED daily work-flows to improve productivity and drive patient satisfaction. Significantly scale engagement and improve revenue management with a next generation Care Team Assistants program that leverages your embedded CTAs with new, innovative technologies.


CTAs empowered by next-generation technology drive loyalty, and minimize risk. With access to the ScribeAmerica’s diverse set of solutions—from AI chatbot technology, in-network referrals, revenue cycle management and point of service collections, we’ll partner with you to select the right enhancements for your CTA program to drive value for patients and providers. Our human-centered solution, augmented by technology, has been deployed to every region across the nation. The compassionate, local leadership structure at the core of our mission ensures we create value for administrators and patients.
Point of Service Collections: CTAs help facilitate a collections process that integrates AI chatbots and a simple mobile payment platform to streamline your collections process.

Referral Management: Make sure your patients get to the right referral, right away through our LiveReferral solution. CTAs guide patients through a few quick steps to make sure they’re connected to an in-network provider.


Documentation and Coding: CTAs at the point-of-service interact with a coding team member in real-time to correct errors and ensure accurate billing for swift reimbursement. CTA+Coding breaks down previously siloed processes and improves communication.


Patient Engagement: With AI chatbots, CTAs are able to send customized messages to patients and deliver pertinent information, from directions to the facility to wait times, and more.


Ancillary and Administrative Support: When care teams are bogged down with patient demands, CTAs are able to assist providers by printing discharge information for patients and refilling supplies.


EMR Agnostic Support: Benefit from a CTA trained in your specific EMR. ScribeAmerica published the first medical scribe textbook and provides scribes with ongoing training.


Reduce Provider Burnout: With the increasing provider burnout epidemic, research shows scribes reduce clerical burdens and serve as a proven solution for growing administrative demands.


Healthcare Focused Scribes: At ScribeAmerica, our workforce is comprised of dynamic, compassionate scribes often embarking on their healthcare careers and eager to learn from care teams. Our alumni have gone on to complete medical, PA and nursing schools.

Master ED Efficiency with A Human-Centered Approach

Are you ready to meet organizational goals and implement a strategy for success? Fill out the form to contact a member of the client success team. CTAs armed with insight driven technology help to alleviate the problems confronting EDs. Powered by ScribeAmerica’s team of experts, we implement strategies to improve the check-in process, referrals, documentation, and payments. To learn more about Next Generation CTAs, download the Modern Healthcare White Paper: Driving Referral Integrity and Patient Experience through ED Transformation