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What is a Medical Scribe?

What is a Project Leader?



Driven by the exploding demand for Medical Scribe services, the last decade has seen the rise of a brand new category of healthcare professional; the Medical Scribe Project Leader.  Being positioned as the premier Medical Scribe Company in the country, ScribeAmerica is at the forefront of the Medical Scribe Project Leader revolution.


Imagine being told 10 years ago that there was a position for people interested in medicine that could pay them more than $100,000 annually to travel across the country working one-on-one with hundreds of certified medical professionals, learning a variety of medical specialties, holding meetings with C-level physician administrators, and creating their own schedule and hours.  This highlights the truly unique aspects of the coveted position of ScribeAmerica Project Leader.


The Project Leader is responsible for the smooth implementation of new Medical Scribe programs.  Project Leaders re-locate to the local city of each new Medical Scribe program, and spearhead the process of identifying, training, and managing a brand new Medical Scribe staff.


Unlike any other Medical Scribe company in the country, ScribeAmerica's Project Leaders profit share directly from each site they initiate.  We believe that personal ownership drives our Project Leaders to produce the highest quality Medical Scribe programs in the country, and our company's history and reputation proves this model as a success.


The Project Leader position demands mastery of the Medical Scribe profession, as well as years of Medical Scribing experience. To succeed as a Project Leader we require immaculate work ethic, personal drive, multitasking ability, and exemplary leadership and initiative.


Due to the high demand for Medical Scribe programs, we are frequently hiring new Project Leaders.  To be eligible, you must already have several years of Medical Scribing experience.  If you are interested in an exciting and profitable long-term career as a Medical Scribe Project Leader, or have 2-3 years off before medical school, check out "How to Apply" under the "Career Opportunities" tab, and click "Apply Online to be a Project Leader."