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ScribeAmerica Emergency Scribes: Dr. Fitzgerald, Hilo Medical Center
"We have a choice between patient care or computer care. The scribes take the computer care so we can focus on the patients, which is what we're all here for." Dr. Fitzgerald of Hilo Medical Center shares how Emergency Scribes from ScribeAmerica have helped the Hilo ER team.
'Healthcare Visionaries' Video Series: "Legends"
Third in our video series, we look at the legends who are driving innovation, both in healthcare and other industries.
'Healthcare Visionaries' Video Series: "Greatness"
Second in our video series, we’re recognizing those who are driven to reach new heights – towards greatness. They’re innovators, heroes, teachers, loved ones. Some transform the way we live our lives; others transform their communities.
HealthChannels: “Some Would Say…”
We're celebrating those who are ushering in the next era of healthcare. In the first of this video series, we're recognizing our healthcare heroes who have persevered through a challenging year unlike any we've seen in decades.
ScribeAmerica: Outpatient Scribes
Learn more about ScribeAmerica's innovative Outpatient Scribes Program.
ScribeAmerica - Jaye Marie Green Team - Kia Classic 2017
In 2017, we offered LPGA tickets to our ScribeAmerica teams and asked them to show their rally spirit for brand ambassador Jaye Marie Green. Congratulations to our winning team for Southern California! They showed true rally spirit! Thank you for all who attended LPGA events in 2017 and look forward to seeing your support at future events!
What is a Project Leader?
We followed ScribeAmerica's Fabio Giraldo as he traveled to meet with clients, managers and other valued partners in this look at a "day in the life of a ScribeAmerica manager."
How Scribes Can Help You with ICD-10
We have created a series of short videos discussing how ICD-10 trained scribes can help you with your transition.
TeleScribes and You
Introducing TeleScribes Premium, the new virtual medical scribe service from ScribeAmerica, the nation's leading medical scribe provider.