The Standard in professional scribe training and management

What is a Medical Scribe?

The Scribe Creed

Scribes are part of the healthcare team; we have revolutionized the delivery and quality of patient care through innovation and excellence and have allowed providers to return to the patient's bedside. I am part of that team.

Carrying a legacy, I realize this calling will ask much of me, whether it means putting in extra hours, dealing with stressful situations or encountering unfathomable circumstances. I will stand in solidarity with my scribe team and remain focused, caring, supportive, professional and enthusiastic.

Recognizing the worth of my fellow scribes, I will regard the needs of others as I do my own. I will work effectively with my team, understanding success is reached together and not alone.

Invested with high expectations, I firmly believe that my fellow scribes are a cut above the rest and I am committed to proving this true. I will dedicate 100% and then some. I will make my provider proud, my company proud, my teammates proud and myself proud.

Bound by honor and integrity, I will uphold myself to the highest standard. I will respect the privacy of the patient, the experience and guidance of the provider, and the worth of my peers. Even in times of stress or adversity, I will do what is right at all times.

Entrusted with a great responsibility, I will excel in my role as a scribe. I understand that I have been specially trained for a unique and critical role. The work that I do must be accurate and efficient. It's work that ultimately helps save lives. With that always in mind, I will respect those in authority and, when called upon, lead with humility, deference and honor.

Doctors Save Lives. Scribes Save Doctors.