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The Application Roadmap

There are three key steps you need to take to complete your journey to become a scribe

Step 1: Apply Online

Before applying review these minimum requirements:

  • Have the availability to be able to work two 8-hour long shifts per week. Our company may work with many doctors and mid level providers in your area. Your availability is VERY important to know what doctors or mid-levels you could feasibly work with. If you have very limited availability we may not have a match for you.
  • Only apply to locations you are able to commute to. Since Telescribes work from home, commute is not applicable.
  • Work to get your typing speed to 50 words per minute.

Step 2: Complete Scribe101

Our strategic partner Scribe101 offers an industry-standard training course that prepares candidates with fundamental tools and a foundational scribe education. It consists of 9 modules and a final exam. While there is a $495 charge for this course for the general public, it’s offered for free to all ScribeAmerica applicants. Successful completion of this course, or testing out of it, is a prerequisite for employment at ScribeAmerica (except if you are applying to work in California, where Scribe101 courses are not currently offered).

As soon as a candidate applies for a scribe position at ScribeAmerica, s/he is enrolled in the free Scribe101 course and emailed information about how to complete it. If you do not receive the Scribe101 enrollment invitation, please email

The sooner you complete the Scribe101 course, the sooner you will be able to move to the next step!

Step 3: Interview

Upon successful completion of the Scribe101 course, or testing out of it, you will be contacted by a member of ScribeAmerica’s hiring team. They will review your application (and your availability because your availability must match the job opening to which you applied) and reach out to schedule your interview. The timeline for this varies depending on the openings available in your area.