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ScribeAmerica - Jaye Marie Green Team - Kia Classic 2017
In 2017, we offered LPGA tickets to our ScribeAmerica teams and asked them to show their rally spirit for brand ambassador Jaye Marie Green. Congratulations to our winning team for Southern California! They showed true rally spirit! Thank you for all who attended LPGA events in 2017 and look forward to seeing your support at future events!
Team Cheyenne Rally
Team CRMC Volunteered at Cherry Bison Ranch for the CRMC Scribe Shuttle.
Florida Hospital South
Submitted by Erin McCoy, Gabriella LaRoca, Sanabel Mahmoud, Anthony Nepaul, Dennise Salazar, Verniesha Samson, Courtney Verboncouer, Amber Hill, Anastasia Acree, Vanessa Falero, Ryan Finan, Supreeya Saengchole, Francesca Tomassini, Morgan Pearsall, Sibel Tekeli