February 19, 2015

ScribeAmerica Announces New Partnership with the Ace Your Med School Interview Program

ScribeAmerica has partnered with Dr. Pascal Juang to provide scribes with unique career preparation through the Ace Your Med School Interview Program.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – February 19, 2015 – ScribeAmerica has joined with Dr. Pascal Juang to offer an exclusive discount toward an Ace Your Med School Interview program to ScribeAmerica employees.

A longtime partner to ScribeAmerica, Dr. Juang has helped numerous applicants successfully prepare for their medical school and physician assistant school interviews through his Ace Your Med School Interview Program. Dr. Juang’s experience as an interviewer and interviewee has helped refine the program, which offers three course options that include a video preparation course and optional personal coaching from Dr. Juang.

Dr Juang’s insider experience started while a student at UCSD medical school where he was a student interviewer and tour guide on the medical schools admissions committee. During his Emergency Medicine residency at Harvard, he was appointed the Chief Resident and, in that capacity, helped host and evaluate Emergency Medicine residency candidates. Since then, Dr. Juang has helped many applicants get into medical school and physician assistant school by providing insider knowledge, constructive feedback, and expert coaching that has helped them to perform their best at the interview.

“The difference between Medical school and Physician Assistant school acceptance and rejection often comes down to the interview,” said ScribeAmerica CEO, Michael Murphy, M.D. “We are pleased to offer special access to Dr. Juang’s exceptional program as an added level of support for our team members to help them meet their professional goals.” ScribeAmerica employees can find more information about signing up for an Ace Your Med School Interview program by visiting “Scribe Resources” at www.scribeamerica.com.

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