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LiveCode Point of Service Coding

Introducing LiveCode Point of Service Coding

LiveCode Point of Service Coding is an innovative process that provides real-time coding that reduces latency in feedback and improves the overall efficacy of the revenue cycle. LiveCode increases efficiency in the medical and billing process, reduces provider time spent on back-office functions and paperwork, and optimizes interactions between key stakeholders to improve documentation and mitigate risk.

LiveCode Improves Efficiency

The current medical coding process is inefficient. The LiveCode platform significantly reduces the time between patient care delivery and final billing by utilizing a real-time solution that offers live coding that connects clinical/care delivery to back office support. This process improves feedback quality and leads to significant reductions in DSO, deficient documentation, chart suspensions and other missed opportunities.


Innovative Technology that Will Transform the Medical Coding Process

LiveCode utilizes state of the art technology to connect the clinical layer and back-office coding personnel to offer real-time medical coding. The coding platform technology integrates workflow and dynamic coder queue management for today's demanding revenue cycle organizations. The platform provides health systems with additional modularized offerings to achieve specific organizational goals.


The LiveCode Point of Service Coding module utilizes advanced technologies that successfully link the scribe and medical coder in a clinical, real-time environment.

A Real-Time Collaborative Environment

LiveCode links all critical stakeholders together in a real-time, collaborative environment. Scribes and providers work together to document the patient encounter. The coding team reviews the encounter through the coding platform and communicates with the scribe via real-time chat to make ensure all documentation is complete. The scribe, in turn, collaborates with the physician to complete the record.


Through LiveCode Point of Service Coding, a process that would otherwise take days to complete is finished in just a matter of hours.


Clear Results to Impact Your Revenue Cycle

LiveCode Point of Service Coding connects providers, scribes and medical coders in a real-time environment that leads to same-day coding and bill drop for patient encounters. This innovative platform allows key stakeholders to communicate and problem solve to achieve three core objectives:


1. Dramatic reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO):


Current medical coding typically requires several days to process a final bill, requiring additional working capital. LiveCode improves the efficiency of the coding process, dramatically reducing DSO.


2. Reduction in Deficient Documentation:


Deficient documentation and costly physician re-work can significantly impact the bottom line. LiveCode facilitates real-time interaction between providers, scribes and medical coders so that documentation is completed on time, the first time.


3. Risk mitigation through accurate documentation:


Providers are often asked to do more with less, increasing risk as documentation is rushed and completed at the end of the day. LiveCode's real-time interaction ensures documentation is accurate and reflects the actual care delivered.


LiveCode offers real-time access to analytics, dashboards and integrated feedback based on client preferences. The LiveCode platform and related dashboard tools offer an advanced coding solution that provides dramatic improvements in your integrated revenue cycle operations.