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LiveCode Point of Service Coding

Expected benefits with LiveCode Point of Service Coding:


Reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Estimated $400,000

  • 5 day reduction in billing cycle

Note: Assumed APC on ED Professional Fee of $295 per patient encounter


Reduction in Deficient Documentation

Estimated $250,000

  • Assumption of 8-10% deficient items that could be reduced to 1%
  • Physician spending average of 16 minutes per deficient encounter

Note: Physician Hourly Wage assumed at $225/hr.


Missed Opportunities

Estimated $750,000
  • Assumed 3% downcode rate
  • Assumed 1 level higher in acuity supported

Note: One Level Higher Impact Assumed at $250 per patient encounter


Estimated Total Savings with LiveCode: $1,400,000